I have always been passionate about helping people follow their dreams and if they believe in something they should believe they can get deeper into it and see what happens. I have also believed that education extends way beyond the classroom and is something we can always look to for clarity at any point of time. Education is something that happens all the time and through every experience.

With this in my mind I have always felt unsatisfied with the boundaries that prevail in our learning system. We are to a large extent a society driven by certain outcomes that are so often restricting and mediocre. Thus a few months ago I decided to venture into rather unfamiliar territory . My first experience, Gasha! I did not really expect anything from it other than the fact that it was a great concept and in the hands of some truly talented people.

I now want to educate people through the arts where I can interact with as well as provide opportunities to artists and through them reach out to others and help them see a very realistic truth. We can all be more educated if we start to see the world as it is. It will feel like a far simpler and a more beautiful place to be in.

Sometimes we are all driven to pursue mediocrity . By that I mean chasing an existence that all of us may not find encouraging or satisfactory. I would like to help people live life on more fulfilling terms.