Teacher Sharing Sessions

As an educator, if you have an experience of something innovative you tried in the classroom, the development patterns of a particular child or children, a learning material that you explored, the role of teachers or even an educational idea in the making this is the space to share.

Teacher Sharing Series for educators is a space to come forth and share experiences that one believes other teachers and educators would learn from and develop their own thoughts in the process. Teachers are change agents and one of the ways for this change to gain momentum is when there are free spaces for teachers to connect, share ideas and challenges faced, have discussions, brainstorm and more.

Please share your experience documentation with us. We shortlist 3 speakers for each session and hold on to the remaining documentations received for the upcoming sessions.

Following is the expected format for the documentation:

  1. Abstract A short introduction of the write-up (approx. 50 word)
  2. Write-up An informal piece that covers your experience and what you drew from it (approx 2000-3000 words)
  3. Images/videos that support the write-up (only if available, not mandatory)
  4. Footer Writer’s name and Title of the write-up

Speaking time is 20 minutes followed by a 30 minute question answer session towards the end.

Please send your documentation to the following email ID: riadfoundation@gmail.com. We request you to name the file you attach to the email in the following format:
<name>_<Title of Paper>

Teacher Sharing Session 01
Teacher Sharing Sessions 02