The Indian Ensemble, was formed in 2009 with the central idea, that work created here must be original and must be collaborative. In the last 5 years of our existence, we have been extremely fortunate to haven had patronage from the Riad Mahmood Education and Arts Foundation more than once.

Three of our plays, Gasha, Thook and Kaumudi, all diverse in their
subjects, process and ideas have been supported by the Foundation. The central question we had to answer is what impact do we see it make when it opens. We have often been unclear , often artistically surprised in the process of making but have been always supported by the Foundation with utmost faith in our final endeavor.

In the last 5 years, these plays about Kashmir (Gasha), Food
Security (Thook) and Philosophy and Education (Kaumudi) have
travelled to almost every major festival in the country. Thook, in
fact was commissioned along with 8 other theatre companies from around the world, by the EU but found its Indian home in the foundation. The play, will perform at the Yale Campus in a few weeks.

Through this journey, we have grown artistically but one of our
major growths has been with the foundation in the sphere of always
asking ourselves, what does this play do. What impact can it have on
us, on our lives and in our education.

We have performed for adults and children, in auditoriums, festivals
and spoken to children in classrooms and all of this has made our
lives richer, our theatre more alive and more integrated to society at

The Riad Mahmood Education and Arts Foundation has been the tree under which this work has found its shade and shelter. We at Indian Ensemble, extend our gratitude to the foundation for supporting us.

Abhishek Majumdar
Artistic DirectorIndian Ensemble