The word Education is so often associated with literacy, which as we know is only a part of the whole meaning.

Education is an opportunity to form a relationship with the term ‘learning’ much more intimately than with the term ‘literacy’. If one can form a relationship with ‘Learning’, one can begin to ‘learn’ in the true sense of the word.

Someone whose words I admire immensely had said that he sent his children to school to “learn how to learn”; very powerful indeed and these are words that make me realise the real power of ‘learning’ something.

Providing exposure to the right education seems like common sense but needs tremendous courage to implement.

Many a times we are faced with resistance from our surroundings and at times are forced to comply with what already exists, leaving out the possibility to reinvent or learn things differently. There are many reasons why we go to school but to me, the main reason would be to spend invaluable time getting exposed to different situations, challenges and to get an opportunity to learn how to learn.

Every moment spent in and outside a classroom is worth its weight and manifests at some point of time in our lives as information to use. Schools and learning centres are ideal places to learn to take decisions and to stand by them; the ability to manage what life throws at us and the opportunity to make mistakes. What impedes this is a society that is governed by the fear of outcome or shy of providing an opportunity to fail.

The chase for mediocrity must be examined. The Riad Foundation endeavours to provide people with an opportunity to pursue their dreams and work with their talents and in their areas of interest. We work with people in the fields of Theatre, Music, Art, Science, Mathematics, Sports and Entrepreneurship and support them to not only explore their own creative or scientific goals but also to ultimately impact these areas in schools and other educational institutions.